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Another Galling Betrayal

NavVette Wrote: Feb 18, 2014 5:58 AM
Obama could not give a rat's but about democracy. He sees the institution a negative, not a positive.
I think the real key to smaller government and less spending lies in who is elected to the House and Senate. That's where the real problem lies, and that's where we need to put the very conservative, Constitution-loving legislators. Romney as president would take care of the executive branch and pare it down to size.
I agree. I trust him for his honesty and general goodness. But as a CEO that knows how to cut waste and make money, I can't think of anyone who would be better as the head of the executive branch. And wouldn't it be nice to have a president and first lady that have class? Polar opposites of the Obamas.
Yes, it was. Conservatives weren't too happy about it either. That was the beginning of the TEA Party, not the election of this president. But because I'm quite certain you are not aware of why he did it, it was because so many retired and soon to be retired (including unions) had their retirement funds tied up in AIG.
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Black History Month

NavVette Wrote: Feb 17, 2014 4:46 PM
I doubt Obama would ever have been a Republican. I think you forget that his father was a socialist from Kenya, and his mother's family were American socialists. He doesn't share the black history of this country.
Sorry, Stan. I flagged you by accident.
Actually, it is.
Nope, put them in a retirement home that is run by socialists. See how they like living under the results of their politics. I would have said "the results of their beliefs", but I don't really think they even believe their own lies. "For thee but not for me" is their number one rule.
It's not his race. It's his policies and lying from day one. What you are ignoring is that it was Republicans who first put a woman on the Supreme Court and put black people as Secretaries of State and other Cabinet positions. The racist is you and the other liberals that keep trying to accuse conservatives of raaaacism. Turns out that conservatives are more likely to be in a "mixed" family than liberals. Aren't facts inconvenient ??
The Bushes weren't griping about income inequality and how the rich need to give all of their money to the poor, either. Not to mention, the Bushes weren't so vulgar as to show off their dog eating from VERY expensive crystal and china. I rather doubt their dog was allowed to eat that way. Good Grief !!
Unions have been associated with organized crime from just about the beginning. The worst bully of course is the SEIU, which represents government workers.
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