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Oh come on's a genetic defect.........Obummer, I rest my case.
Let's Exile them..........Guantanamo has open facilities. Or we can bring back the Draft and put them at the top of the list, and then don't get between them and the Canadian Border. That thinned out the herd of Lefties last time.
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Will Brian Williams Lose His Job?

Native Son Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 6:42 AM
He deserves the same fate as Rather. Brian insults Veterans and all Americans with his lies. He's worse than the liars that show up with medals on their chests pretending to be War Heroes. He is Despicable.
I guess this puts Brian and Hillary in the same company as Jesse Ventura.
Can you be Vanilla, but have "Fire in your Gut"?
Out here in East Texas I know women who are better hunters than their husbands. They can also field dress a deer faster and better than their spouse. My wife and I were sitting on the deck yesterday, taking a break from Saturday chores, when she says "We will have time tomorrow before the game, let's do some shooting. I haven't got to shoot(plinking & target) in quite a while." It does drive her brothers nuts that we have guns and she has the opportunity to shoot whenever she wants as they live in NY. She's from the Bronx but she fits East Texas like a glove.
In other words, "Charles Blows".........pun intended.
The Detroit Trifecta.
The line is drawn in the sand. It is time Congress stood for something.
I use to watch the 5 religiously(sic). But now I will start to watch and when Beckel opens his mouth and starts spewing his opinion(lies) and I'm gone. Same thing with moore, he doesn't bother me because I ignore him. To me his movies are a joke and he is some kind of a cartoon character. A rather over-fed one but a cartoon character none the less. That's the beauty of living out here in rural America.............these Bozos don't mean anything to me. They are as worthless as a Four Card Flush.
Socialism can't be fixed, it has never worked in the first place. It has to be repealed and a clean slate provided. Pelosi's Scary-Wild-Eyed rush to "pass this bill and then we'll find out what is in it" worked for Stalin but not for Americans.
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