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Yet More Mismanagement at the IRS

Nationaljester Wrote: Jun 13, 2013 8:32 PM
Too bad we can't fire the Supreme Court, Obama, and both houses of Congress. Corruption is not only tolerated, it appears to be encouraged. We are rapidly losing the protections of the (OUR) US Constitution! We're entering a digital concentration camp, and there isn't a gate or fence through which we can escape.

As more attention focuses on the IRS, there is ever more evidence that it is an agency with serious and ongoing problems that mere "reforms" may not be able sufficiently to address.

Another recent audit of the IRS -- finished shortly before the targeting scandal came to public attention and released about two weeks ago -- reports on (1) agency abuse of official travel charge cards for personal expenses; (2) failure appropriately to penalize those who misused their government charge cards, even on a repeated basis; and (3) evidence that even some officials with to-secret security clearances had had their...