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Instead of "let them eat cake", Michelle (btw-who elected her to anything?) is making them eat tofu. If the government has to keep out of our bedrooms, why are they allowed to enter our kitchens?
I'm sure that Obama has secured the illegal alien vote for Democrats, including their National Socialist wing.
Even Clinton couldn't completely avoid the fallout from his perjury. Is there racial bias in how these two presidents were treated?
Actually, the corruption of the Obama bib Lyin' administration has eclipsed the corruption many times over, including the use of the IRS to intimidate opposition voices. The real difference is that the media is a co-conspirator in the obstruction of investigating these felonies.
This news isn't surprising but does raise more questions. Is "Media Matters" a tax-exempt organization, and if so should that status be terminated? How many documents will be required to offer sufficient proof to the new nominee for Attorney General to open investigations of Holder, Obama, and their staffers for High Crimes and Misdemeanors? Will CBS fire Bob Scheiffer for his lack of journalistic integrity? Does anyone doubt that Obama is our first National Socialist President, following in the proud footsteps of a past European leader?
Since Obama has de-funded or disarmed the Border Patrol, Congress can act as well. De-fund Obama. No Kobe Beef, no 5 Star cooking, no live entertainment, no heat or electricity. There is nothing in the US Constitution that says we have to give light to a President who keeps the People in the Dark (or thinks they are too stupid to make their own decisions).
You'd make a good guard in a concentration camp! Good luck with that "hope and Change" you have been clinging to. And I doubt that you have ever "done good".
A message to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and "President Obama". It is time for you to get into the back of the bus and let the adults drive, to quote Obama bin Lyin' from his 2008 acceptance speech. The Olinski-ites have had their day in the sun and have been found wanting, per the prophet Joseph.
Well, I think that it is entirely possible that 32% of Americans are too stupid to understand the ObamaCare boondoggle. They are the koolaide drinking red diaper doper babies. They are the people who still believe Obama's "hope and change" jive.
It's all about demographics. With Mexico, Central America, and South America, the "Hispanic" vote will swamp anything African Americans can offer. And creating more competition at the bottom of the job market enslaves them as thoroughly as the Southern Democrat politicians of old. And here's the proof: if unlimited immigration is soooo good, why not give techies and other well-educated people from around the world the same opportunity?
Democrats are famous for telling the people they rule that, "we will gladly push your stool in for you." And with that kind of support, who wants to bring attention to themselves?
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