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One hard disc "crash" (intentional scratch) I can understand, but there were actually 3 or more. If this administration or the Democrat Party followed the Constitution (U.S., not South Africa, China, North Korea, etc...) all relevant facts would already have been exposed. Obstruction of Justice and other crimes seem to be part of the Democrat Party Plank.
What if Muslim terrorists bombed the Boston Marathon? Oh right, they did.
Why would a Democrat want an ethics probe into their performance in office? Obama is just the most visible example of how the Democrat party engages in obstruction of justice as a matter of policy. and since their slaves in the mainstream media do their bidding, they have nothing worry about.
Degrees can be withdrawn for academic fraud. Do they have the courage to do it?
You are the poster child for government intervention into the private affairs of individuals and business. You push this agenda every time you praise our first National Socialist President...Obama the Terrible.
California "decriminalized" pot a long time ago. And we have "medical dispensaries" as well. That said, this state is run by the dope-addled, pithed (look it up if you skipped H.S. Biology), and poorly educated (pubric sckool grdutates) who are unable to use logic or reason.
" but the Obama administration has repeatedly said that they do not seek to interfere with state laws.?" You have got to be sheeting me.
If you assume that a Democrat lies every time he/she opens his/her mouth, you'll save yourself a lot of time and trouble. And since the Obama controlled media sets different standards for Democrats and Republicans, don't bother reading their reporting or analysis.
So, they destroyed the evidence that they destroyed the evidence. This is National Socialism in all its glory!
No. This is how National Socialism works.
Waste, not waist. However, you are correct.
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