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You'll never crack the triple-digit barrier on IQ exams. Hi Lois.
Never over-estimate the ethics of the Obama Administration. National Socialists have a poor record with this attribute.
Voter ID laws are a roadblock for voters who DO NOT HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO VOTE! If you need a photo ID to collect food stamps, welfare, us a debit card, should already have an ID. Is it a barrier to ask someone to pull out their ID? Is it really too much effort? Let's remember that they are Illegal Aliens first and foremost.
Where is the photo of people injured BY ObamaCare? The American People have had their rates skyrocket, or had their insurance cancelled, as a direct result of this failed piece of Socialism. And the media continues to provide defense and cover for our first National Socialist President!
And, Hillary's three word answer..."control-alt-delete." And a liberal treatment with a powerful magnet, just to be sure. If this were Richard Nixon...
It is patently unfair to require the dead to show their photo ID.
Voter ID laws unfairly target the dead and suppress their vote.
Are you telling me that Democrat politicians are corrupt? Who'd a guessed!
Just in...Obama Administration enlists the help of Mexican Drug Lords to tout the benefits of ObanaCare. After all, if they can sell dangerous drugs for big bucks to a stupid public, they should have no problem sell this program no problem!
We are staring straight into a Black Hole of corruption. An increasing amount of corruption seems to be drawn to the Obama White House. Go figure!
Let's face it, the entire Obama Administration is a criminal enterprise. Members of this administration are given "truth detector test" to make sure they are able to avoid telling the truth. The American People and the US Constitution can no longer afford to take another minute of this abuse of presidential power. Other than that, just plain despise Obama.
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