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He's pulling a Clinton "I feel your pain" on us when he'll never get Ebola (we can't get that lucky) and doesn't care if us little people are "inconvenienced" by this non-event.
Where are the Lawyers? This is a blatant case of medical malpractice by the director of the CDC..."don't worry, it can't happen here." And if this medical worker dies...does this constitute negligent homicide? Was the White House involved in overriding sound medical advice? I have lots of questions and I'm sure that the Obama (most ethical administration in history) White House will be entirely open and truthful about what has transpired...P.S. want a good deal on a bridge?
Maybe Crazy Uncle Joe wants the job so bad he's willing to off the "friend of terrorists" currently holding the office.
The question shouldn't be is Obama safe with Secret Service protection. The real question should be: Are Americans safe while Obama is the Commander and Chief of our defense and intelligence assets? My vote is a clear thumbs down on the President who finally beat out Jimmy Carter as worst President in the past 100 years.
Give us your poor, your uneducated, your criminals, your diseased, and your terrorists. Now mind you, Obama isn't going to pay for this out of HIS pocket. And he arranged it so he will have Secret Service protection for the rest of his life. What would his supporters think if he lifted the limits on H-1B visas and professionals faced the same competition as working class Americans? He'll just tax us more, continue to lower the quality of our medical care, expose us to diseases we had previously controlled or eradicated, and endanger us with gang members and terrorists.
The photo of Obama is appropriate because he believes he is above the Constitution, instead of being subject to its limits on government authority. My question is: "Will our Constitution survive as we've known it, or will it be forever marred by the encroachment into the rights and privacy of The People?"
The Obama White House is so corrupt that they make the Nixon Administration look like angels from heaven. When will the lame-stream media take their muzzles off and speak truth to power? Oh yah, they are just as corrupt as our National Socialist President.
Line the "volunteers up and shoot them. Think of it as preventative medicine.
The Obama administration and the Democrat News Networks join with the world in accepting a bald-faced lie. Our first National Socialist president is merely continuing the "education" campaign championed by the first leader of his party...good old Adolph himself. Remember, you should assume a Democrat lies whenever they open their mouth. You'll be correct 99% of the time.
Another fine example of Multiculturalism...and how not all cultures are equally good. And as for the so-called "religion of peace", if the tortured, raped, humiliated, oppressed, murdered and enslaved people living and dying believe that Islam is peaceful, there really is no helping them. BTW-Thanks Saudi Arabia for hatching another monster modeled after your own sick lifestyle.
Lois doesn't need any help to look stupid, but I appreciate your efforts to give us accurate data.
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