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Our Founding Fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, recognized that the slave trade, from which George III earned royal sums, was an assault on workers. It harmed their ability to earn a living. Uncontrolled immigration has the same effect. And lower skilled workers are the victim. They have to compete with people who will work for less, accept poor working conditions, etc...Lower-income, and increasingly middle-income families, find their real wages stagnant or declining. And for what? So Limo Liberals and RINO's can save money on having their homes cleaned, yards cared for, and food prepared. Another thing uncontrolled immigration brings us is disease. People with active TB, people who haven't been immunized, people with pre-existing conditions, etc...And all of that costs money. All of that requires tax increases. All of that depresses our economy. Controlled immigration can or should screen for disease, limit the impact on worker earnings, and reduce the burden on schools and other government provided services.
You folks just don't get it. Zuckerberg feels akin to Charlie Hebdo, so what he does afterward shouldn't matter. Irony alert for Liberals.
And, when they fail to remove the veil of secrecy surrounding his actions while in office. So our president continues to bow down to Muslim leaders and wear a veil...go figure.
If you give them Michael Moore, you'll half to throw in a few draft picks.
Catch and release of terrorists only works if you do it from 30,000 feet. That is, if you are trying to fight terrorism.
Let's see if I understand this correctly. The Taliban are not terrorists (I guess we deserved 9/11). Daelish (ISIS) isn't Islamic, and Bergdahl isn't a deserter. Wow! The Nazi propaganda machine couldn't have dreamed up a more bald-faced set of lies. The politically correct crowd seems to be eagerly swallowing the Obama mythology Kool-Aid.
Let's see here. Obama uses Executive Orders to bypass Congress in an unconstitutional manner (giving legal status to +5 million illegal aliens, normalization of relations with Cuba). He bows down to a Muslim leader. He alters policy implementation (ACA, immigration enforcement, etc...) through his administrative staff rather than via legislation. And he's mad because Congress invited Netanyahu to speak to a joint session without consulting Obama? King George III respected our rights more than this National Socialist Party hack.
If Obama doesn't like a court decision, including one from the Supreme Court, he can always write an Executive Order. Silly things like the US Constitution, the Law, and the will of the people are distractions which prevent the government from helping people too stupid to know what's good for them.
NASA is absolutely shameless! 38% sure means that if you are correct you are a genius, and if you are wrong, people were "warned" that their report might be completely wrong. As a student in the 70's I remember "Global Cooling". In our classes we were told we needed to conserve energy, a direct linkage to the gas/oil shortages during that time. It was also used as a reason to prevent the SST (US passenger jet like the Concorde). The enviro-mental wackos, scientific illertates, and academics vying for grants (government money) are in league once again.
That must be the reason liberals continue to support and defend these Islamo-Fascist Terrorists. Just like Bill Ayers.
Off topic by a few thousand miles. Try again later.
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