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Same to you Drill Sergeant Mike.
If you're so sure that God doesn't exist why do you object so strenuously to our worshiping him publicly as long as we don't force anyone to believe?
This picture is definitely photoshopped. Obama hasn't been in Hawaii in months.
Sounds like a modern day regressive to me.
I want to take this occasion to wish all atheists everywhere the MERRIEST of CHRISTMASES.
Yep, RiffRaff, you got that right.
Like I said, you're on some powerful drugs. So I'm not even going to try to refute your delusional lies.
DUDE!! Whatever you're smoking must be some really killer stuff if it makes you hallucinate this much.
This picture looks photoshopped to me. Are we sure Obozo was really in Hawaii, or really at the Arizona Memorial. It looks like a typical picture of him coming down the steps of AF 1.
I can vouch for that. My uncle is in the Marines.
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Syrial Losers

Nathan J Wrote: Sep 12, 2013 5:40 PM
WJF Wrote: 1 hour ago (3:36 PM) "Who is ultimately responsible for Benghazi?" "Barack Obama is responsible for Benghazi." Absolutely right, and in spite of what he thinks, one day Barack Obama WILL be made to account for his inaction and lies on Benghazi.
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