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I'm not the least bit surprised to find out she's been lying. After all, she's a Democrat.
No, he doesn't, but you do.
NOTHING is ever their fault, it's ALWAYS someone else to blame.
Was anybody REALLY expecting any members of this administration to accept blame for their own screwups??
Most Southern Europeans and Middle Easterners are considered to have "olive" colored skin. More tan than white, but not brown.
Only if you're willing to have at least half of your brain removed.
What's wrong? Does the truth hurt your tender feelings that much?
I know that. You know that. But apparently Eric doesn't know that.
ericynot1 Wrote: 23 minutes ago (9:28 AM) "Worship publicly all you want. Just don't do it at government facilities, because that's a violation of our founding principles and our Constitution." If that's the case than you can point out for me, in Article, Section, and subsection where it is stated in the Constitution that you can not worship in public places. RIGHT??
Same to you Drill Sergeant Mike.
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