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I bet they could get done better and cheaper by letting American tech companies scap the site and start over.
If a vegan lived 9 times longer than a meat eater then you should look forward to around 630 to 720 yrs of life since the normal life span is around 70 80 yrs.
Please don't insult the great work of Shakespeare by putting these democrat women in the same category. They are much worse.
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Teaching Jim to Fish for Himself

Nathan238 Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 12:30 PM
I heard a story(probably not true) about a republican and a democrat discussing what to do with the homeless while the democrat's daughter listened. The democrat said give them government aid while the republican argued for teaching them to earn the money. The little girl got frustrated and said, "Daddy, if you want to give them money, why not hire one to mow the yard and let them earn the money. The Republican looked at her and said, "Now you're a Republican." I think this illustrates the difference between helping people and just giving a handout.
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