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Outrageous, not Outrages. Don't your editors even read this stuff?
Taxes are included as a cost of doing business in the prices that everyone pays, including the poor. Why are you in favor of a regressive tax on the poor?
Let the Pope provide those things, then!
TX Attorney General is investigating appealing the sentence. It's not clear that it can be appealed.
He will violate the terms of his probation. You know the cops are gunning for him, and he obviously can't control himself. I'd bet he will be in jail soon enough. Either that, or he will mouth off to the wrong guy and end up a statistic.
"Since the first lawsuit in 1989, the city of San Diego twice tried selling the property beneath the cross to the Mount Soledad Memorial Association, only to be stopped by the courts."
I'm sure the IRS will simply apply payments to the fine prior to applying payments to tax liability. They will classify any outstanding balance as tax liability and come after the taxpayer.
So children who break rules and act aggressively more often correlate to children who get spanked more often?!? What a mystery!
Thanks for that comment. Very funny.
Administrators who do less get out of recessions more quickly. Those who do nothing see the best growth. Recessions are a normal function of the business cycle. Government can only make them worse.
A sign like that can be created in about 20 minutes. Welcome to the 21st century.
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