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Learning from Lincoln: Both Onscreen and Off

Nathan223 Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 5:11 PM
The Federal Government's claim was not that they "must remain under their rule or be killed." Their claim was that the South rebelled against the Constitutional Order for illegitimate reasons. In what way does my argument argument boil down to the circularity you accuse it of? My argument does not boil down to circularity; your argument is a recipe for anarchism. If anyone, at anytime, for any reason, just say "hey, we disregard the authority of our government," what's the point in even having one? Your argument, of necessity,demands some form of anarchy since anyone, apparently, can just say there going it alone, and we cannot do anything about it morally.

What is it about Abraham Lincoln that has captured the hearts and minds of the American public since his assassination nearly 150 years ago? After all, one could argue -- rather persuasively -- that our 16th president was the least qualified candidate ever elected to high national office; in fact, his public service record included just four terms in the Illinois state legislative, one unremarkable term in the House of Representatives, and two unsuccessful bids for the US Senate. In addition, he had virtually no executive experience and, as his contemporaries invariably pointed out, Lincoln seemed wholly unfit to lead the...