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Question from a mean recalcitrant Royalist: How come it was acceptable to rebel against Crown and Parliament over taxes, but none of these "Constitutionalist" Conservative commentators think it's a good idea, or have even mentioned attempting, to nullify these laws at the state level? This is an act of tyrannical lawlessness, an attack on our basic laws. If it is not acceptable for states to resist this act, when is it acceptable to resist tyranny? If these illegals were here because they love our laws and traditions, they would have respected them by not breaking our immigration laws. Our legal traditions have been degraded enough since independence, it's time to put a stop to it.
I think he's trying to bait conservatives. With Obama ignoring law and order, and rioting from a bunch of lawless thugs starting, I think he's trying to get the GOP to do something he thinks will be politically unpopular for them. I think he wants the GOP to resist. Either that, or he is being rather primitive and wants to show that he's the boss when the GOP does nothing despite the chaos that will erupt in the country.
Orrin Hatch is on FNC just asking for, you know, more time for Congress to pass amnesty. He's also saying, you know, Obama's gone in two years anyway, so we should just wait for the EO to expire. Forget law and order, just throw up your arms and surrender. We need to win the election, after all! I'm sick of these politicians.
No. They cannot even sue to stop it after it's done. Boehner will try that, but courts probably won't uphold it because Congress is responsible for defending its own authority. Congress can pass a resolution rendering it null or deny funding.
Typical liberal push poll. They couldn't even win on their own terms, let alone real terms. The only poll the GOP needs to know is 2/3 of Oregoonians oppose illegal driver's licenses. I doubt many of those folks are in favor of turning around and giving them green cards.
If Congress won't defend the Constitution in this matter, states should be prepared to give Obama a real Constitutional Crisis through nullification.
What Willie here totally ignores is the content of these orders compared to existing laws and accepted practices. Article I, Section 8, clause 4: "The Congress shall have the power...To establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States" That's Congress's exclusive power, according to law. Obama is in clear, inarguable violation of the law. The President has neither the Constitutional nor the statutory authority to enact this act. Reagan, as far as I'm aware, had either the Constitutional or statutory authority in regards to his executive authority.
Republican Capitulation is tentatively scheduled for 9 PM EST.
Somehow, I don't think the lefty "racism" and "sexism" canards will work in Louisiana.
Who wants to bet that the GOP will trade this pipeline for the "immigration reform" in the next Congress?
Amnesty for criminals. Deportation for Bible students. Welcome to Obama's America!
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