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Another Ebola Risk: It Eats Logic

Nathan223 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 2:58 AM
Poland avoided the Black Death because they shut their borders to almost everyone when reports of it spreading beyond the Alps reached the Kingdom. Quarantining does work when done on massive scales like that.
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Why I Oppose Liberalism

Nathan223 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 2:57 AM
Amen. "Churches that adopt liberal beliefs inevitably become such pale imitations of the truth that missionaries should be sent in to convert them to Christianity." Back in the 1920's, J. Gresham Machen wrote "Christianity and Liberalism," which is still a great read showing how liberalism and Christianity are two separate religions. He was talking specifically about theological liberalism, but all liberalism has very similar destructive logic. It's all the same levelling and hypocritical nonsense. Liberalism would reduce everything to the most bland flavor imaginable in the name of equality.
This appears more and more like an anti-establishment reaction that will unwind by election day. You can makes some interesting headway by simply lampooning the major parties as an Indie, but as (basically) the Democrat, he will lose steam and Roberts will regain a comfortable lead if he continues to be mushy on the issues.
"If you're going to play these games, you'd better be prepared to defend your own record on this issue -- based on the rules you've chosen to erect for this debate." Liberals won't do that because liberalism is hypocrisy.
Is this really the editorial line of a conservative publication? This law is an affront to justice, an affront to men, and feminazi garbage built on the twin lies of oppressive patriarchy and "rape culture." I don't think participants in casual sex should be helped by the government at all, but that doesn't mean buying into feminist myths about male rape culture. It will be used as precedent for increasing the present presumption in favor of female accusers in rape cases. I think the cultural acceptance of casual sex is a terrible evil that will and is causing great pain (as evidenced by this law), but that is no reason to pass unjust and unnecessary laws. "But I do not believe they will be 'labeled sex offenders,' which makes it sound like they will be added to the sex offender registry, which is definitely not true." California already has some of the strictest sex offender laws in the 50 states. There is no need for anymore overturning of common law.
"It found that families headed by gay couples were not only thriving, but also got along better than more conventional families." 1) One study is not sufficient to prove anything. 2) What are the parameters of said study? 3) Child interviews are wholly unreliable. Children, even as adults, are usually afraid of their parents and unwilling to say anything negative about them when they think the parents will find out. 4) You are seriously claiming that gays are better at raising kids? Get a grip. Any study that suggests anything besides a happy natural family is the best place for a child clearly has the wrong parameter's. It's simple biology.
"There is no such thing as a CHRISTIAN business." So, the state gets to determine doctrinal disputes now? Shouldn't it be up to Christians to decide if there can be a Christian business? I thought liberals supported the First Amendment...
"There is no requirement for any marriage to be of 'value to society.' It is for the two people involved and their family relationships." The male-female coupling is what is of value to society in and of itself. Even devoid of children, it is a public icon of procreation and life. The vows are demanding of self-sacrifice for the purpose of furthering the cause of the human race. "In case you hadn't noticed, gay couples are already raising children -- 2 million, according to estimates by Freedom to Marry, and at least 250,000 by actual count in the 2010 census" Taking either, the estimate from Freedom to Marry being absolutely absurd on its face (this would mean that gays had more children per capita than straight people), is irrelevant. Children should not be systematically deprived of mothers and fathers, and the fact the courts do not take that into account on custody battles is a strike against the courts, not for gay marriage. "If the gay couples raising them cannot marry or at least have two-parent adoption, one partner may not even be able to attend a parent-teacher conference, make medical decisions in an emergency or provide for the children in case of death. They cannot benefit from Social Security, military or veterans benefits, take advantage of tax provisions or inheritance rules that apply to married couples." Why? Because one of them isn't the parent. You realize that this is damaging for children with stepparents? Children generally don't like it when their stepparents from a second marriage are overly involved in their lives. That's regardless of the perfectly natural weirdness of having two people of the same sex raising you, being denied of at least one biological parent for whatever reason. Suppressing nature itself simply will not prevail in the end. You will continuously have to suppress the thoughts of children who ask "where's my mommy or daddy?" until your experiment inevitably fails. Eventually, you will not be able to suppress all of the depression, mental illness, and sad suicide stories from raising children in such an unnatural environment.
If we don't have Kentucky, where is there to go? I mean, it's Kentucky for crying out loud! How much more conservative can you get? To be fair, Lexington leans left within Kentucky. It might be a local thing. Personally, I'm an advocate of creating an illegal immigration problem in Canada. We can control elections completely with only around 10 million votes, especially considering there is a native social conservative movement there. I'm only afraid bringing along too many Americanists will demand that they abolish the monarchy.
These folks think ISIS are just extreme social conservatives. That's how demented and myopic they are. Everyday I think more of the liberal mind's ability to twist and obfuscate the truth. It's really rather impressive until you realize how evil it is.
Can we finally have some kind of rally or protest about this kind of stuff? Normally, I hate that garbage, but we haven't done anything since the Tea Party, and that was more about taxes than social issues. These cases multiply and get more serious by the day across the entire Western world. France has managed to get tens of thousands, if not millions, to march against the destruction of the family. France!!! For Heaven's Sake, that's liberal, French Revolution, radical France!! In the U.S., our SC doesn't even have the guts to take on the issue and we sit by and do nothing but blindly vote for the check-pants Republicans.
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