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Why, then, do you want to do nothing about the Islamist hordes that are ready to execute anyone they think might be a homosexual, which probably starts with you?
"It is curious that the Left thinks it has so much in common with Islamists, considering that Islamists would put all homosexuals to death, strip women of their rights, and force everyone to become a 'peaceful' Muslim or be executed." I half think we conservatives should give up the fight to preserve Western Civilization just to watch what happens to Leftists when their good friends and allies, the Islamists, take over what little remains of Christendom.
Flattus, you haven't the first clue about statehood or legitimacy theories.
What? You mean defending itself from the aggressive and restless Arab population, at least a good chunk of whom would like to see the end of Israel as a state? You people would turn the city over to the enemy in the name of tolerance and equality. BTW, Israel is officially named the "State of Israel."
France needs to put a moratorium on further Islamic immigration. This is a result of large scale Islamic immigration into France. It's making France look like the Christians lost the Battle of Tours.
France needs to close its borders to Algeria. It's getting crazy over there. There were riots over the World Cup!!! France is in more dire straights than it was on the eve of the Revolution.
The only war on women being waged is the war on human nature being waged by the Democratic Party, who are joined by a good chunk of Republicrats as well.
I enjoyed how they changed it because of the "men" at the end, when there are lots of people way more offended about the fact they are named after the Northern Irish Loyal Orange Lodge in the first place. If they wanted to be non-offensive, they would have to totally change the name and team colors.
I was in the room while a family member watched it. The political correctness was pervasive, annoying, and, at this point, expected. These people think they are being edgy and counter-cultural by attempting to stamp out whatever hushed remnants of traditional culture remain. They are actually dull and conformist.
I like the use of the word "perfidious" in this post.
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