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I just mean that it was a poorly chosen comparison. You have to choose your words very carefully these days as a conservative. Should it be that way? No. But it is, so our leaders need to think about how some media nut might spin something like that.
This was a dumb statement, but Huckabee didn't claim there is more freedom in NK than the US.
For one thing, state tax dollars are a small part of most state university's budgets. Two, this is a legitimate state expense on all layers.
Hate to rain on the parade, and I know I'm supposed to be glad for this victory, but I can't help but feel like this is a minor rear guard action in a very large retreat.
81 people voting from the grave doesn't sound that bad, actually. I'd guess there would be a small amount of people who would cast an absentee ballot and then proceed to die before the election. Probably accounts for at least some of them.
I just don't even understand what possessed somebody to come up with this other way of doing math.
Because our country has turned into a very large insane asylum, that's why.
Just saying we are being a bit hypocritical launching "sanctions" in the current circumstance.
I think we should impose sanctions on ourselves and the French for declaring independence from the UK without the permission of the UK's Parliament.
There is no US energy weapon. Doesn't exist. http://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/Energy-Voices/2014/0313/Ukraine-crisis-There-is-no-US-energy-weapon
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