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The more clowns running on the Democrat side, the better.
This is because his government has done absolutely nothing that the people elected him to do. Apart from a few small gestures (i.e., the restoration of knighthood in Australia), he has done absolutely nothing worthy of being called conservative.
I hope I never have to see the layer of hell where this administration will spend eternity.
Hard working students that are getting good grades? A C+ average at most community colleges can be done while sleeping through class.
What does The Daily Mail have to do with the Rotherham sex abuse scandal? They reported on it too, I suppose, but so did basically every other British media outlet.
The guy saying the city of Birmingham is a no go zone was perhaps being a bit hyperbolic. The fact remains that there are parts of major European cities that are no go zone for the authorities, and those places are mostly hotbeds of Islamism. This line in particular was particularly despicable on the part of the frauds at the AP: "Asked for evidence of 'no-go zones,' Jindal pointed to a weekend article in The Daily Mail, a London tabloid, that said killings, sexual abuse of minors and female genital mutilation are believed to go unreported to local police in some areas. The article did not give specific religious groups or towns." Look up "rotherham" on Google. Hello! Is anyone home in your PC brain over there?
His chances might be dim, but he is probably the best thing in the Maine GOP's arsenal. He has won major statewide elections twice, after all.
I just looked it up, assuming that there were write-ins on the November ballot like there were in the Washington State version of the top two, and so the Dems could just run a write-in. No, there aren't. That would be hilarious if that came back to bite the Dems in the rear.
Yo, hey, binders of women!
Might be another Giuliani trying to make a final stand in Florida simply because, despite Bush's national popularity (such as it is), he doesn't appeal to an early state any more than the national average. I really don't see a path for Bush with Romney in the race. Even with him out of it, it would be a difficult.
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