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The Damn Will Break Soon

Nate3006 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 1:30 PM
It was probably a spell checker that caused it. I am sure he probably nintendo to type dam. :) (Have you ever typed 'intended' only to have auto spell check change it 'nintendo'?)

For the market, Obama's re-election means relying on cheap money and overseas growth as the best underpinnings for higher stock prices.

Sure, the domestic economy is positioned to move higher, but I think it will stumble along, and in fact, could crash from political squabbling and doubling down on policies too harsh on success. Looking at the roots of the economy, small businesses and entrepreneurship, you see them drying up fast. People are not starting businesses, small businesses that are already going concerns can't raise money, and the damn will break soon releasing more rules and regulations and taxes.