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Just put up the same sign myself. Also got the free defensive handgun course. Can't wait.
Yet Jews in the US still seem to be backing Obama. Why is this?
The topic of illegal immigration always reminds me of the life boat capitain scenerio. Do we want a capitain that continues to rescue people from the water until the life boat itself is overloaded and sinks or do we want a capitain that knows when to turn the boat away saving the lives of some rather than killing everyone? We need a leader who can make tough decisions on behalf of the American citizenry instead of pandering to foreign nationals at the expense of us all........Bleeding hearts have no business being life boat captains.
Raising the minimum wage is great if that's where you plan to stay. America is a ladder and minimum wage is the bottom rung.
Obama on his $800 BILLION stimulus package and it's effect on jobs.   “If I don’t have this done in three years,” Obama told NBC, “then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Three years is up and almost 1 billion tax dollars completely wasted on a failed stimulus that has created nothing. See ya!
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