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The Question at the Court

natch Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 1:23 PM
You'd make a great nanny-stater, Liebau. Why you think or believe that the Constitution or a majority of citizens should decide the mores of society as whole is a real oner to me. My only question to you is - What gives you the right? Why should you be able to decide how other people should live. Why don't you focus on your own life and let others live their lives, however they want to live it.

Obviously, the next two days are going to be important ones in establishing the parameters of gay (and straight) rights in this country (

For conservatives who support gay rights, including the right of gays to marry, there are some tricky questions.  Do societies have the right to legislate about sexual mores? That's one of the big issues at stake.  If the Court strikes down Prop. 8,  it's hard to see how anyone can ever argue again that the state (i.e., citizens as a group) has any interest in regulating any kind of sexual behavior between consenting adults, regardless of...