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Rep. Kristi Noem: The President Is Ignoring Tough Choices and Distracting from Real Issues

natch Wrote: May 12, 2012 6:49 PM
Economic Development Administration Here's a link to Cato describing it in part with another link that further defines it. Noem voted against the Pompeo amendment.

In his weekly address, President Obama called upon Congress to act upon the legislative "to-do" list he issued, via electronic sticky note, earlier this week. With the same old recycled rhetoric, he accused Republicans of being unoptimistic about the economy and having no plan other than cutting taxes (especially for the wealthy, gasp!) to create jobs -- policies which he supposes are the same old tired ideas that got us into "this mess" in the first place. We can't give corporations free reign again, we've got to move Forward! Or something.

But in the weekly GOP...