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Privatized: The WH Easter Egg Roll

NataliaBur Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 3:54 PM
Shriveled up shrew now hates the Easter egg roll tradition? I guess since we have actual proof that Obamas went to a Christian church service yesterday and the President soothed a crying child at the egg roll today, Cruella's GOT to manufacture SOME kind of wingnut hate for the dumbos.

Ah, the wonders of privatization.  Despite sequestration, the annual White House Easter Egg roll takes place today, subsidized -- not by your tax dollars -- but by corporate sponsors and the sale of souvenir eggs.

The chicken littles at PBS and fans of the Post Office might want to take note.  There are plenty of ways to survive (and thrive!) without supping at the government trough . . . but only if you are providing a good or service that people actually need or want. Sure, it may take a little more creativity and a bit of initiative, but in...