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To be fair, a lot of websites go down overnight Sat - Sun.
As exciting as revolutions are in the history books, I don't like them; it's much better to have policy changed by humdrum parliamentary maneuvering. (Put another way, 19th century British is far less exciting than its French counterpart, but the British people were better off for it.) Unfortunately, when you have a party in power that's both lost grasp of facts/law and is determined to stay the course, a revolution is the only remedy. I hope I'm wrong.
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Bloomberg: Skip College and Become Plumbers

Nat23 Wrote: May 19, 2013 3:28 PM
I can't believe I'm saying this, but Bloomberg is right(!). If academics bore you and you wan't to start earning a living and save for retirement (long after old-age social programs go bust), then learn a vocation. After you've established yourself as a master craftsman in your trade, you can always return to college, take night school, or study on your own. I got my BA from an Ivy League school, but I earn my living applying a computer skill I learned taking the bus to and from my (back then) menial occupation.
My advice to Republicans: push state's rights with the slogan "Let [your state capital], not Washington, decide what's best for [your state]". Another slogan: "Let 50 states handle [your issue] 50 different ways, with the best ideas being organically adopted by more of them."
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