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America Hater

naphini Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 4:06 PM
Indeed. I'm not even sure what hating a whole country would even mean. I suppose most liberals, including myself, do hate America's foreign policy habits, which usually involve killing a lot of people and propping up brutal dictators and fostering human rights atrocities, which we tend to think is bad. It's really that simple: a moral difference of opinion. There's no liberal conspiracy to destroy America. John1921, If you think, for example, my sympathy for Gazans arises reflexively because they are America's "enemies" and not because they are brutalized by Israel, then you are... mistaken.

They always get the benefit of the doubt, these America haters -- from our enemies, of course. But also from our celebrities, our "mainstream" press and other organs of liberal opinion.

The case of Julian Assange, would-be scourge of America, is depressingly typical -- if slightly surprising because the administration he sought to embarrass and discredit was Obama's. There's discomfiting news about Assange this week, which we'll get to, but first, a review.

Remember the respectful treatment the Wikileaks founder received? After publishing 250,000 confidential documents obtained by an Army private -- some of which provided names and...