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The Monolithic Black Vote -- and My Republican Dad

Nanuq Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 12:34 PM
I'm sure to get slammed for this, but I'll say it anyway. Are you under the impression that all people possess the same physical prowess? Why is it that blacks dominate the NBA? Are they genetically superior in that way? Yes. Are you likewise under the impression that all people possess the same mental prowess? Hint: we do not. We are all different, some more easily misled than others. Some are leaders, some are followers, some will never invent a new mousetrap, some will never graduate with a doctorate from MIT, some will not graduate high school. When culture negatively reinforces what genetics may have failed to produce, there will be a large effect. Mr. Elder is refreshing exception to that premise.

In 13 wards in Philadelphia, reports the Inquirer, President Barack Obama received 99 percent of the vote! A local Democratic ward leader outlined the strategy: "In this election, you had to point out to people what was at stake. And in many cases, they felt that the Romney doctrine was not going to favor the working man."

Obama appears to have held on to most of his percentage of the black vote from 2008 -- even though the black unemployment rate in October reached 14.3 percent. Emmanuel Cleaver, the head of the Congressional Black Caucus, admitted: "If (former President)...