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Here's How Romney Wins The Monday Night Debate

Nanuq Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 2:30 PM
Just a thought.... Romney could remind Obama of his "3AM phone call" ads. Then ask "Was it about 3AM when you were asleep while your Ambassador was being murdered?"

I confess a certain fascination with debate prep. What is it, exactly?

What did Mitt Romney do that earned him such a commanding win in his first debate with President Obama? What did the President not do?

In the second debate, was President Obama better prepared, or just more energetic and focused? Could Mitt Romney have prevented an underwhelming moment on Libya with a few more drills alongside Rob Portman?

I raise these questions because as the final debate draws near, I wonder how Governor Romney’s time is best spent. Is it a matter of homework alone, or something deeper?