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Eagle Scouts: We’re Being Bullied by Gay Rights Activists

Nanuq Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 5:35 PM
It comes down to money. The BSA is afraid of losing support from large corporations, and these corporations are more than happy to cave to the homosexual agenda. I wrote to the BSA National Board of Directors and called them out for being willing to violate their core principles for bravery, loyalty, and reverence. I reminded them of the Scout Oath and the Duty to God. I also reminded them, who should NOT need reminding, that any financial contribution with strings attached is called a BRIBE. So let the sponsors pull out. Let the program shrink in size, if that's what it takes to keep its core values strong. Let us put our money where our mouth is, and support Scouting at the local level. Where it belongs.
Cepat2 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 3:03 PM
Over 80% of BSA funding comes from religious organizations, most of whom vehemently oppose the change in policy regarding openly homosexual leaders. The "corporate sponsors" are relatively small in terms of financial support. Corporate sponsors provide little or nothing in terms of material, personnel, logistics, facilities, or volunteers all of which is largely unseen or acknowledged by the BSA HQ. Should the BSA surrender to this mob it will cease to exist within three years.
Sean245 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 9:51 AM
Exactly! Don’t these idiots realize that if they stand strong they may lose some corporate sponsorship but will gain tremendous grass roots support, remember Chik-Fil-A? The second thing is if they compromise their values they will destroy the Boy Scouts and the only thing they will have saved (temporarily) is their jobs. And finally, how can they not know that these groups, like a plague of locusts, want to destroy everything traditional in America. They will not stop until the Boy Scouts are completely remade in their twisted image. Look at the U.S. Army for an example the creeping rot.

A coalition of Eagle Scouts, Scoutmasters, and parents have launched a new organization vowing to keep sex and politics out of the Boy Scouts of America.

“The Boy Scouts are one of the great jewels of American culture,” said John Stemberger, an Eagle Scout and the founder of

Representatives from more than a dozen states gathered in Florida to announce the opposition to any attempt to allow open homosexuality in the BSA.

The BSA is expected to offer a proposal that would remove the national rule banning open homosexuality -- and replacing it with a local option. That resolution...