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We have soldiers that can't get treatment for their combat injuries, or job placement, or PTSD counseling, and these Bozos (sorry that was an insult to Bozo) think it's okay to drop $50,000 on a self portrait? FIRE THEM ALL. Now.
People, REMEMBER THIS next November in the voting booth.
This lack of decorum reflects a lack of respect for the solemn occasion.
And you know what's really ironic? If they were to knock on her door at home she'd invite them in, Todd would grill them salmon steaks and they'd have a wonderful time. This is a classy family folks. They're good people. It's too bad people don't know them for who they really are.
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The Wages of Presidential Deception

Nanuq Wrote: Oct 31, 2013 12:44 PM
"An enthralled media had unfortunately redefined its role as an appendage to, rather than an auditor of, the presidency." Game, set, match.
My father taught me not to spend all the money I earn and not to run my credit cards up to the limit and think that's okay. Why should the government be any different?
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Putting Down the Debt Ceiling Sword

Nanuq Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 2:34 PM
Fools and idiots. You GOP have a nearly zero approval rating... what do you hope to gain by giving in? Votes? Yeah right... NOBODY is going to vote for any of you again. At least you should have got something out of your self-immolation.
"Establishment GOP" soon to be "Unemployed".
Now, now ... rutabagas have feelings too.
Oh, the HUMANITY!!! How about the private Senate gym? Are they suffering too?
Because he looks silly just standing there waiting for his speech writers to get the answers up on his Teleprompter? Just guessing......
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