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Think Power Inequality

Nanuq Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 12:28 PM
Who says income inequality is a problem? If my neighbor wants to work twice as many hours and earn a million dollars before he's 30, more power to him. My priorities are different. Remember we're supposed to "Celebrate Diversity."
........and then we'd have "President Biden" God help us all.
Perhaps you're unable to read and comprehend the quote. It refers to a "decrease in hours worked". Not numbers of jobs lost. So entrepreneurs working fewer hours ... not usually the way to make the "bootstrappy" business fly.
I taught my kids during kindergarten that life isn't fair, and the harder you work the better you'll do. Sounds like someone skipped his kindergarten classes.
These kinds of things happen when children get hold of the keys to the family sedan. It's left to the grown-ups to clean up the damage.
Apparently the Aetna CEO believed Obama's BS about the numbers of people that would sign up.
Amen to that. If you got to know them, you'd realize the whole family is like that. Character and compassion flow from these good people.
Certainly not more than once.
Well said, Bristol. You take after your mamabear in a lot of ways. Let's hear it for strong and courageous women of integrity!
Is this that "Unintended Consequences" thing people talk about?
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A Selfie in South Africa

Nanuq Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 3:18 PM
And yet I still read comments skewering Bush for continuing to read to children as planes flew into the World Trade Center. It's about maintaining decorum. A wise person errs on the side of caution. If a South African dignitary came to America for a state funeral, they wouldn't be dancing in the aisles... even though that would be appropriate at home. Obama was there to represent you and I, and to show America's respect.
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