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jleigh: I know exactly what you mean. Our son lost hisa job four years ago, and because of all the illegals in our state, with illegal Social Security nmbers etc., taking all the jobs, we have been supporting he and his two toddlers on our Social Security. I have refuse dto join Medicare until obumblercare has been repealed. It would cost my husband and I around $200- $250 a month EACH. I ony get a lousy $600 a month and have to pay taxes on that too.
Julybaby: It scares me too, and everybody had better be scared and start figuring out how they are going to survive it all.
Jerry1: That is what the crown down in front of the Marriott Inn, where the Biderberger meeting is being held by these COMMUNISTS, are screaming at them through BULL HORNS.
Artie C: I couldn't have said it better, or agree with you more.
Shubi: Did you know that they are all meeting at the Bilderberger meeting this weekend, to plot and scheme there next move on us.
Ward3: And I will get down on my knees and pray my great thanks to our Lord God. Believe me, that is no mean feat for me, becaue I can barely ben my knees and if I do happen to be able to get onto the floor, thre I am goimg to be stuck, until my husband comes to find me and get me back up.
Folks: You may want to go to this and check out the Birth certificate authenticated by Kenyan Officials. It is on file in the Autralian Library. http: // thepowerhour . com/news4/ obama_kenyan_birth _certificate . htm
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