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Dallas would be the best bet!
Yes, this country was built on Judo Christian values, not perversion. Christians should have the right to bow out of anything that goes totally against those values. I am really ashamed of our Supremes. Time for some changes, and have Supremes that respect our Constitution, with no personal feelings interfering.
Didn't realize she was still around after all this time.
Carlas7 is the liar!!!!!!! Big time liar and slanderer typical TROLL!!!
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Surprise: Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

nanna3 Wrote: Mar 09, 2014 8:02 PM
You are in error, and I feel you are just trying to slander Mr. Cruz. His parents were legal immigrants. He was a citizen of the United States, AND of Canada. He recently said he was going to drop his Canadian citizenship, so no one would think he preferred another country to the United States. Check your facts before slandering someone Carlas7!!!!!!
I figure part of the reason is that several of the heroes in these actin movies are conservative republicans. Stalone, Willis, etc.
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