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Sooner or later, they are going to implicate this White House & AG for their involvement.
He is nothing but a paid shill of the Obama government whose purpose is to attempt to derail these hearings. Fortunately, he has been caught red-handed in his lies. Par for the course for this administration & Democrat party.
Whenever Harry needs the facts, he just calls Nancy. These two are like Laurel & Hardy.
The only people Harry has ever successfully employed are his own family members, courtesy of the US taxpayer. This squirrel has attempted to cross the road one too many times.
Seriously. Does this woman take the short bus to Congress?
DWS acts like one of the Stepford wives.
Obama loves talking about the GOP's phony scandals, but isn't willing to acknowledge that this is a phony crisis whipped up to defraud Americans of their money.
When you witness the blatant attempts by unions to collude with Dems & portray the GOP as the party of corporate greed, is it any wonder that there is resentment? Do you not acknowledge a problem with that? Interestingly, the UAW is now howling over the effects of Obamacare, despite their enthusiastic endorsement earlier. This was predicted by the GOP & Tea Party, but they were demonized by the unions for their efforts. Perhaps you can understand why conservatives have little sympathy for union leadership.
This case was fundamentally different from the George Zimmerman case. This guy was apparently has a history of domestic violence. He was set off by a kid with a smart mouth, and killed him out of rage. For the life of me, I can't understand how this could get convicted of attempted murder when his actions resulting in murder. Isn't that at least 2nd degree murder?
BC's Shawna Thomas declared "BOW DOWN!" on Twitter when she saw the dress. "BOW WOW" would have been more appropriate.
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