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The the 10th Amendment was adhered to it would be a State issue and not federal.
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Obama's Approval rate Hits a New Low

Nancy457 Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 11:40 PM
Hey Troll. Did you by any chance watch the whole 17 minute interview with Bundy or did you just watch your sacred MSM sound bites.
And it doesn't mitigate the fact that Bundy's great grandfather BOUGHT grazing rights to that very land in 1877. The BLM didn't exist a few years ago by comparison. No we need to get rid of these uncontrolled Federal agencies who abuse power they do not have under our Constitution. EPA is another prime example.
They many have ended it 10 months ago but that doesn't mitigate the fact it was planned and the email connected to Reid which said they had to get rid of the Bundys and take their ranch for the project. You can try to parse it anyway you want but it is dirty smelly politics on the part of Dingy, dirty, evil Harry Reid. And what about all the other Ranchers who were bullied off their land in Clark County. The Bundys ranch is the only one left in the entire county. WRONG IS WRONG.
This is a must watch video done by Russell Means (may he rest in peace). Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation He has many great videos out and his book Where White Men Fear to Tread is a must read.
Led by a Democrat controlled Congress and Senate. Any other questions?
Sissy_sue gets it too bad so many others don't. This is how and why MJ was made illegal.
Priebus was lying through his teeth. They will not back a Tea Party Candidate no matter who it is. If they had Cuccinelli would have won handily.
OMG John I love it. You are really on a roll today. This column made my day.
Well you know different Conservatives than I do then. Because I happen to agree and so do all my friends.
Right on.
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