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Geithner: Obama's Economic Policies Have Been "Remarkably Successful," You Know

Nancy3557 Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 1:43 PM
"The Fed saved up from having a second great depression?" You know this how? If you're relying on this African usurper who won't release any records from his past, you're seriously misguided. He's lied about who he is, and just about everything else. Obama, or whatever his true name happens to be, has caused enormous destruction. He's working for Ayers, Dohrn, the Weather Underground, Soros, and others who want to destroy capitalism. Watch the Rise of The Third Reich. It's very similar to what he's doing.

It was not a fun go 'round on the Sunday morning talk circuit for Team Obama yesterday, underscored by David Axelrod's accidental de facto endorsement of Mitt Romney on Fox News. The White House likely nudged Hilary Rosen to decline a Meet the Press invite in order to help turn the page from their floundering "war on women" narrative to a Buffett Rule hypefest. Treasury Secretary Tim Geither -- last seen explaining how Obama has no solution to the gathering debt...