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Member of Biden's Gun Control Task Force Has a Son Convicted of Planning School Mass Murder

Nancy2871 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 7:51 AM
So should the 'right' just shut up and let the media propaganda machine help wreck what's left of this country ? And yes -- The father IS responsible for the son's actions, until the son is of age. WHY don't people get that ?? For not being aware of where his kids' head was at, for possibly giving him access to the fathers' guns -- ie, NOT securing them properly, YOU BET the father is responsible. AND the last thing I want is someone who can't accept responsibility for his & his kids' actions trying to pass rules that affect me ! Be a good example first............ then perhaps others' will pay attention to what you say and think.

President of the National Assocation of Police Officers and Boston Police Officer Thomas Nee is a member of Vice President Joe Biden's gun control task force, which was created by President Obama in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Nee's son, Joseph Nee, was convicted in 2008 for planning to commit mass murder of students and teachers at Marshfield High School in Massachusetts, similar to that of Columbine in 1999. After spending nine months in prison, Nee's conviction was upheld by the Supreme Judicial Court.

Nee told police the plan involved taking ammunition...