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Gay Marriage and All That

Nancy21 Wrote: May 16, 2012 2:21 PM
Thank you for your well thought out and expressed opinion. I can remember churches and politicians citing Scripture for their support or slavery...such as the book of Philemon and other passages in the same way as so-called Christians are heeding only one of the admonishments in the Bible and forgetting those that they themselves ignore.

Let us now praise Barack Obama. The president has finally come out and said what everyone -- except maybe himself -- knew he believed all along: He's for allowing homosexual couples to marry. That's nice. Now he can tick off another item on the list of must-dos for an orthodox liberal/progressive/libertarian.

It would be even nicer if he would just give it a rest, though of course he won't. It's a presidential election year and there's fund-raising to do -- especially in Hollywood.

But let us be thankful for any moment of clarity in politics even if it's only a moment....