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'Million Muppet March' Planned to Save Big Bird

Nana82 Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 2:46 PM
Yeah the big yellow guy is destitute! Hah! Bert and  Ernie are poor. (they can't even get dates) But BIG BIRD works out with gold plated weights In the Muppet big tent He's the top 1percent (tight with Buffet and Soros and Gates) :-)

What Team Obama took away from the presidential debate was that Romney hates Big Bird because he wants to strip the subsidy PBS receives -- and he’s an awful, awful man for it. Obama used it on the stump and Obama for America even made an ad featuring the big yellow bird. But as Breitbart points out, “Big Bird is richer than Mitt Romney, but is still on the government dole.” Sesame Street makes enough money to carry PBS and is more than “capable of thriving in the private market,” according to Sen. Jim DeMint. So in other words, the...