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Disaster: 60-70 Dead in West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast

Nana82 Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 2:00 PM
Nana82 Wrote: 32 minutes ago (1:23 PM) Why has this thread been highjacked by a little kid? Please don't feed silly trolls. They get off on it. Wanna make this pipsqueak mad? IGNORE him. It will drive him crazy. Just smile and silently watch as he gets more and more upset and out of control. It's FUN! UPDATE: Clearly feeding trolls is obsessive compulsive behavior that is impossible to control.
Nana82 Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 2:06 PM
If you're another kid with no impulse control...I guess.

At least you are all together on one thread.

psydoc Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 2:12 PM
i am with you, Nana. I used to try to educate them, it is not worth it, and they are not capable of learning anything. I just ignore them, and/or flag them as appropriate.

According to EMS Director Dr. George Smith. More from KWTX:

West EMS Director Dr. George Smith says as many as 60 or 70 people died and at least 100 were injured Wednesday night in a fertilizer plant explosion in West.

A rescuer earlier said he knew of five deaths.

West Mayor Tommy Muska said at a news conference however, that he doesn't yet know how many people were hurt or killed in the blast explosion, but said four or five firefighters are unaccounted for.

Background from AP:...