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If they just want to live together why are they not accepting civil unions? I am sure it is because the Left wants to divide and conquer and the homosexuals fell for their rhetoric. Just wait until the Left and the radical Muslims totally join forces. Let's see where gays head to then. Maybe the Rule of Law will sound appealing instead of being killed for being homosexual. Alas, of course, it will be too late for them and most of the rest of us. Homosexuals will have helped destroy the free society we all enjoyed except for those who wanted to be part of The Ruling Class.
Excellent. The Left is playing divide and conquer by bullying the regular citizens in hopes we give up and give up our freedom to the Progressive elite. I say this will never happen. When you give bullies what they want to go for more. Gov. Brewer showed her Progressive hand when she did not stand up in favor of this legislation by reading it. It is short and to the point. Instead, she let the US Chamber of Commerce, and the radicals have their way instead of standing up for the Rule of Law. She will pay a price somewhere, sometime for her misdeeds as we all do. Too bad we have to endure this type of tyranny.
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Tone at the Top

Nan111 Wrote: May 26, 2013 1:52 AM
I am confused why Linda is so concerned by Obama. She backs immigration. Once the Gang of 8 bill is passed we are no longer a free nation. The Progressives and Communists will be in charge and we will be under police state rules. DHS already has POLICE an their vehicles and DHS personnel which is strictly against US laws.
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The Taxing Power of the EPA

Nan111 Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 10:48 AM
And our government would strip us of our Habeas Corpus rights with the NDAA. A judge so far has thrown out that part of the law but if Obama is reelected there is no telling what he will do. WE MUST WAKE UP TO THE CONSTANT STRIPPING AWAY OF OUR FREEDOMS. HOW MANY EXECUTIVE ORDERS DO YOU THINK OBAMA HAS LINED UP ON HIS DESK TO SIGN AS SOON AS HE IS REELECTED? WHAT WILL HIS "LIKEABILITY" RATING BE AFTER NOVEMBER 6TH?
Why is Scott Rasmussen musing about how we would accept Obamacare. Obamacare is unconstitutional. We need to repeal Obamacare! There are other solutions that will keep healthcare costs down, allow choice for healthcare users, and keep our freedoms.
I can't make the leap that "stranger" which means someone unknown as someone from another neighborhood or town has the same meaning as "alien" which means someone from another country. The logic displayed in the piece reminds me of the left's habit of changing the meaning of words without a logical basis, such as Webster's dictionary or dictionary.com. Most of us are compassionate, but what always seems to be lost in the "immigration" debate is how cruel it is to allow aliens to come to our country, not obey our rules which we set up, take resources from our citizen, and also require us to change our language and feel guilty because the country from which they come has a government which does not protect them from tyranny.
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Disagreeing with a Critic of Obamacare

Nan111 Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 1:34 AM
Not only is third party payer a problem but government handing out taxpayer money to all kinds of groups is the main problem in my view. When we are receiving money from the Feds we are beholden to them and remain silent when our representatives pass legislation that is not constitutional. After all, we can't lose our health care, social security, earned income credits, etc so we sell our souls for Fed money. Why should Medicaid be block granted back to the states? Why do we allow the Feds to tax us and turn around and send our money to whomever they please? We need to have an honest discussion about how much government we want while considering if we keep going down the current path we will soon fulfill Khrushchev's prophesy!
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