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The General and Me/ Dept. of Rebuttals and Ruminations

Nam65-66 Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 8:41 AM
How soon we forget.At the time of the Iraq invasion the big news was Saddam either had nukes and wanted to use them on Israel or soon will have them and buried them in the countryside.Israel was preparing to invade and destroy them or maybe just nuke them first.The Bush invasion prevented all of that.

Dear Critic,

It was wholly a pleasure to receive your inquiry -- or was it more of a dare? -- asking if I intend to answer Wesley Clark's guest article in last Wednesday's paper demanding that I apologize for having supported the war in Iraq. ("A stubborn stance," Voices Page, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, March 27, 2013.)

I have refrained from responding to the general for the same reason sportsmen devised that rule about sitting ducks.

But your question is fair enough, and now that the Lord hath delivered him into my hands, it would seem less than grateful if I didn't respond...

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