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'Assassination Memo' a First Step in Setting New Warfare Parameters

Nam65-66 Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 2:36 PM
What part 9'11 and 3000 dead do YOU not understand? "Jes kill 'em! Kill em all"! ...Gen William T. Sherman.

PARIS -- A leaked U.S. Department of Justice white paper supporting the killing of terrorists overseas who happen to hold American citizenship is causing mass hyperventilation across America. Although average Americans needn't fear the possibility of being picked off by a drone one night while scarfing down macaroni and cheese and watching the game, there is concern that the government is grossly overstepping its bounds by targeting U.S. citizens for extermination.

The document, which the clueless have dubbed the "drone memo," contains precisely zero instances of the word "drone" or any variation thereof. But the memo said the U.S. government should...