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A Game the NFL Can't Win

Nam65-66 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 6:25 AM
This is all lawyer stuff folks.It is how they make their living,and some of them make a VERY good living.The government is too much with us late and soon.

Professional football is the most popular spectator sport in America, which is one reason the Super Bowl is expected to draw 110 million viewers. With its famous athletes, storied franchises and lucrative TV contracts, it's an industry whose future appears limitless.

But football has a problem: the specter of mass brain damage among current and former players. So far, the steady trickle of disturbing revelations has had no apparent effect on ticket sales or TV ratings. What it has done, though, is more ominous: It has invited lawsuits.

If football falls into decline, it may not be the result of fans...
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