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Eat More Chicken and Your Skin Will Thicken

nallinder Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 1:53 PM
I enjoyed the article, and I especially agree with the point about how stupid the claim of Chick-Fil-A being a symbol of hate really is. Much as I think the movement to support CFA so hardcore in response to all of this is pretty stupid in its own right, the "LGBT" community that we hear from tend to cross the line in the other direction, and they deserve to be called out as Adams did here. That having been said, I don't think there's anything in the world wrong with an LGBT center existing. Adams' laughable suggestion that he would protest the center itself and get his own office is entertaining, and it serves its point of calling the motives of creating the center into question quite well...but why does it matter so much?

My friends at Campus Reform are on top of it, as usual. They always expose the thin-skinned idiocy of campus liberals and give me lots of column fodder in the process. Thanks guys. The next round of waffle fries is on me.

Campus Reform is reporting that Chick-fil-A, the popular fast food restaurant chain, has now been dubbed a "symbol of hate," by a professor at Eastern Illinois University (EIU). Lisa Moyer, who teaches in the Family Studies Department at EIU, apparently made the comment with a straight face, although some have suggested that the term "straight face" reinforces heterosexist oppression....