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Forget the warning shot!
The American Revolution was carried out by middle aged farmers and merchants and this is where the needed revolution must come from. The young people will follow.
Sorry! I don't believe a word of it not one word other than they are spending tons of money. You have the Attorney General of the United States giving speeches saying that the illegals here have a 'civil right' to be here. If Obama told me up was up and down was down - I would get under my bed tonight when I went to sleep.
You are completely wrong on the tax issue with respect to the deductibility of State income tax. By allowing this to continue you make those of us in non-income tax states subsidize the big spending Democrat legislatures in places like California and New York. If any one 'loophole' needs to be closed it is this one.
A company that I founded always operated on the principle that when we spent a clients money we would spend it as if it were ours. This led to a very successful company where every employee, even at the lowest level, knew what they needed to do. It was and is a very successful company.
I could not agree with you more. Unfortunately, I see very few in the Republican party that would have the fortitude to do this. As Michael Bowler wrote I think it likely that is all going to be settled with a civil war in this country. I know, speaking just for myself, I am almost at the point of saying what Patrick Henry said in St. John's church in Richmond so many years ago.
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