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What the hell happened to permission slips being signed by parents before these kids went on field trips!!! This is TOTALLY inappropriate & someone HAS to FIRED!
We better pray this doesn't happen...I know that is the goal, but time for WE the People to fight for OUR country! I'm terrified for our kids future...they have NO CLUE what is happening!!
I agree with everything you said...this was planned and how much have we paid for this scam already! Enough is enough!
Poor Paula...yet the Rapper who stomped on OR Flag goes un attacked!! Obama is the root of EVIL!!
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Stop Complaining and Start Doing

Nadine10 Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 11:08 AM
Yes...How do we get started & GET IT DONE!
Pelosi has got to go!! She is Evil and sure is no Catholic! What a poor example of a woman!
I agree! That's the only thing that people will understand when the $$$ is gone & none to pay the TAKERS! This is outragous & gonna hurt us all, yet the DC people are living pretty well! OFF US! I pray it crashes & burns soon! We need to turn this around with NEW blood & Conservative values!
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Remembering Obama’s Inaugural Promises

Nadine10 Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 11:01 AM
He is a liar & a fraud...pure & simple! God help us the next four years with this so called KING! Is it 2016 yet!
It's both, the mentally ill & the illegals with illegal weapons! The law abiding people are NOT the problem! Why wasn't there an out cry by the Left when "Gabby" got shot!! Obummer was just waiting for a bigger tragedy to impliment his plan & I feel he LIKES this by inciting trouble! This is part of his plan, he is very dangerous! Next we'll be taxed on our homes if they know we have a gun! There is no end to this man & his distructive agenda! SOMEHOW...this King has to GO!!
Don't worry, all the obese will be thin eventually, especially if BO gets control of our food! Then it will be rationed! THANKS LIBS!! You can start protesting now...your good at that!
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