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That is a common excuse. It ranks up there with blaming the teachers unions, when the unions ARE the teachers. It comes down to two things: 1. the collapse of morals in the teaching profession, and 2. most teachers are not prepared, thanks to the changing from a B.A. in Education to a party degree+1 year in 1993. When I was at university in the late 1990s, the teacher candidates were typically hardcore party animals, slept with anything capable of it, used drugs, skipped classes, and as a result knew less than high school students in the 1980s were required to know of history, math, science, etc.
I fear that the black side of my family is going to vote Democrat. Facts just don't seem to move them.
Indeed. I've never heard of her, and I doubt very much that most of America had heard of her before she started screeching about what is in her own book. One wonders if it's a tactic to sell books.
Given that MO didn't even start life as a woman, one wonders what her actual past is. Like the President, it looks like the past is just a fabrication. (An example is how no one at Columbia, not even his supposed students, could remember him.)
I haven't been a Republican for 22 years, but I'm still voting for them. It's the difference between incompetence and nazism. I'll pick a Republican candidate who messes up over a national socialist Democrat any day. An example is the woman running for Senator Merkely's seat. She stinks as a candidate and she's even lied in an interview. But compared to Merkely, she's a paragon of virtue.
As far as I'm concerned, the Libertarians are simply shills for the Democrat Party. Look at what they have accomplished: throwing hundreds of races to the Democrats. Now, if they believed what they say they believe, they wouldn't be deliberately throwing elections to Democrats, would they?
Technically, the Democrats have crossed the line into national socialism. Of 53 typical characteristics of national socialism, some 47 currently are typical of the Democrat Party. read "Side by Side Comparison of Democrat, Nazi, and Minor Axis"
We must get Republicans into office. The Constitution died on Oct 6 when the Supreme Court let stand the lawbreaking by judges of: Article 1, Section 1 Article 4, Section 2 First Amendment Fourth Amendment Fifth Amendment Sixth Amendment Seventh Amendment Eighth Amendment Ninth Amendment Tenth Amendment Thirteenth Amendment Fourteenth Amendment We've never had a lawbreaking like this in our nation's history. Even Roe v. Wade did not violate 2 Articles and 10 Amendments like the Supreme Court's cowardice did. This is what happens when Democrats appoint judges. You get judges who do not respect the Constitution or the Rule of Law. The complete analysis is called "The Day the Constitution Died" at holodiscus technical
To be specific, the Planks of the Communist Manifesto that the groups I named follow: National Socialists/Fascists of 1919-1945 Germany, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, and Romania: 6.67 of the 10 Planks. Soviet Union. From 8.17 to 8.89 Planks, depending upon the year. Democrat Party, 2012: 8.17 to 9.0 Planks Republican Party: 2.17 Planks
"far-right groups"? Knock it off. The media calls every group that is not communist a "far right group" whether they are constitutionalists, Christians, or left-wingers like the national socialists that the Democrats emulate. The term "right wing" has gotten so mired in garbage that it means nothing now. Who were these groups in reality? Are they socialist like the Democrats, Communists, National Socialists? Then they are defined as Left Wing. Are they for constitutional republics or constitutional democracies? Are they something else? Ever since the looney left in our media started calling national socialists "right wing" the term itself has lost all meaning.
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Michael Brown and Race Hoaxes

Nabuquduriuzhur Wrote: Oct 26, 2014 2:54 PM
"Marijuana doesn't usually promote aggression" Where does ANYONE get that idea. I lived through Oregon's 1973-1997 "decriminalization" and murders in Portland alone went from ~100 in 1973 to more than 1000 by 1995. It gets your attention when you pick up the first Oregonian of August and the headline is "869 homicides". That was just Portland, and that doesn't count the incredible amounts of domestic violence, manslaughter, people dead from stoned driving, burglary, theft, muggings, and other crime. When it was recriminalized, the murder rate went back down to ~140 per year in Portland. The "it don't make you violent" is garbage.
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