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What Did Our Wars Win?

Nabuquduriuzhur Wrote: Jan 21, 2014 10:03 AM
"back the British-French-Israeli invasion" that is like something the socialists would come up with. Any thoughts as to which countries invaded whom during the Suez War, Buchanan?
You might want to watch using terms like "are you perfect?" I've never heard that used by anyone that wasn't being rankly hypocritical. Whether or not you are or not, that type of asinine phrasing just turns people off to any point you are making.
Why call them "Democratic"? They started calling themselves that in 2009, but each election, the official name is still "Democrat Party" on the ballots and in the legal descriptions. The Democrats are only "democratic" in the same way that east Germany was the German Democratic Republic. The west Germans used to add "so called" before speaking of the DDR. Perhaps that would be useful to do here. When the Democrats come up in a subject, say/write "the so-called Democratic Party". For a period in the 1960s, the term "Democratic" was used and back then it was a decent moniker as one had both liberals and conservatives in the same party. Not to mention that it was not international socialist, nor did it have many communists or national socialists then, unlike now. They were then frequently of mob rule ideology, particularly in places like Chicago or the deep South, and so "democratic" actually fit. Today they still have the mob rule, but it's now "the masses", as if we were all squirming bug larvae. I've noticed public television in their quest for revisionist history, started using "democratic" in their revisionist history programming despite that not being the name. That was before I quit watching them much— in one year they had a two hour revisionist history marijuana advertisement called "prohibition" and a propaganda piece about how great life in cuba has been. Even a decade ago, they had some really good history programs. A few left here and there by this or that historical society, but the network as a whole has gone international socialist. So, if they insist on using a name other than their party, just say "the so-called Democratic Party". It's accurate, as well as pointing out their hypocrisy. Which is another topic. A first century hupacrita was a Greek actor or actress. A person playing a role. And that's what we see with Democrats. When they do a witch hunt like Christie or Bork, they are hypocritical in claiming to be concerned for wrongdoing.
He's made mistakes, but "worst"? Are you forgetting Pelosi, the person who ignored the House Rules, broke law after law, and so on?
About 6% of the total monies leaving the U.S. Government are Federal Budget. About a third is debt service. The rest are automatic items like Social Security, Welfare, pensions, and so on. About half of the 6% is the DoD's budget. Lightning Barack doesn't like that 3% for the military much, despite his using the military like a toy. I'd guess that is the reason he's never felt much need to fulfill the Constitution's requirement to submit a budget to Congress.
The example of Bosnia/Kosovo should be remembered as what a president can do when he's determined to draw attention away from himself. And how badly it can be screwed up. First, the genocide that was claimed as our reason to go into Bosnia turned out to be a lie. The third "mass grave" was finally found in 2011 and was less than 200 people. Bad, yes, but the millions, then hundreds of thousands, then tens of thousands, then thousands of civilians claimed by our media, never materialized. It was either yet another intelligence blunder of missing the fall of the Soviet Union magnitude or it was a deliberate falsehood. Or both. Second, every military objective failed. It would be hard to forget the videos of the Serbs revealing their armor and other vehicles that they'd carefully hidden. Third, a truly scary example of the lawlessness and moral evil that the International Criminal Court can do. Slovodon Milosevic died while the ICC kept him in custody without habeas corpus for FIVE YEARS while they desperately tried to get enough evidence for a trial. One wonders if they simply killed him because of him being an embarassment to them. For someone to die in official custody when five years had passed without enough evidence collected for a trial is something the Soviets or National Socialists would do. It's hard to imagine the personal moral evil of judges that would do something like that. A dire warning about the ICC. The sad fact about Bosnia is we and NATO murdered a lot of people for nothing. So where were the usual suspects screeching "Clinton lied, people died"? Compare that to, also in 2011, the european articles that indicated that some 400,000+ in mass graves had been found in Iraq? And how Syria now is using the chemical weapons that Saddam "didn't have"? The media is going to have to give an accounting for their actions to Jesus Christ at the White Throne Judgement. Imagine standing before God, having lied for an entire career, deliberately misrepresented throughout an entire career, advocated immorality during an entire career, and advocated for socialism throughout an entire career.
How did it go from less than 50% labor participation rate in April and July (89 and 98 million out of work, respectively) to 65%? That doesn't work.
"I've never won a poll, but never lost an election" —Senator Helms And that is the problem. Polls are not only leading, but they only get the fringes now to reply. Most of us got tired of being constantly called and quit answering polls completely.
The physics and chemistry of gases are ignored by the "global warming" advocates. Plus, with a 7 year cooling trend, record ice at both poles for 5 years, and winter lasting 2 months longer than normal in the PNW in 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2011, 2011-2012, and one month longer in the PNW in 2012-2013, one would think that a person would be ashamed to lie like these GW/CC advocates want. When I wrote Global Warming Challenged, it was met with crickets chirping except a handful of stores because the media is solidly behind the lie.
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Killing the Golden Goose

Nabuquduriuzhur Wrote: Jul 21, 2013 10:40 PM
I usually agree with Sowell, but those states that raised minimum wage typically experienced an increase in employment. I haven't a clue where he gets the idea that it is reduced. The economy is dynamic, not static. When the consumer has more money, the consumer buys more. That means more goods and services are demanded, and people are hired to meet the demand. When wages drop, the reverse happens. There is a reduction in goods and services and layoffs happen to compensate for the reduction. We saw a dramatic example of this in the 1950s and 1960s and the first half of the 1970s when wages slowly went up, and an explosion in the sales of consumer goods resulted. When wages crashed under Carter, we ended up with double digit inflation. Sowell is completely wrong on that basic idea of economics.
Note: the translation "silly" would today be translated as "weak", and that is a good term for it. From National Wave of Foolishness (I wrote it, so I'm giving permission to myself to put it here): "One result of the teaching— conditioning— is that Feminism made many of the women of the Boomers and Generation X weak. Huh? Isn't that the opposite of the claims? The songs? The propaganda? Lack of personal responsibility and personal discipline characterize a weak person. A weak person blames others for their own actions. A weak person expects others to take responsibility for their own mistakes. A weak person expects someone else to do for them what they should do for themselves. A weak person expects someone else to "take the fall" for their mistakes and evil actions. A weak person hates others for the results of their own actions. You don't become strong by constantly pushing your responsibilities on others. You don't become strong by never taking on responsibility. Women were strong in prior generations because they had to be. Taking on responsibility and duties through both good and bad times makes a person strong. Life is a series of battles and the Feminist is trained to be a capitulator and collaborator in those battles. "Let someone else do it," and everything is someone else' fault. As a Feminist, you can rationalize anything you want to do, rationalize any behavior, treat anyone any way you like and it's "their fault" if they react badly. Everything is always "someone else’s fault" and someone else has to clean things up for you. That was taught by many teachers who taught Feminism in schools in the 1980s and 1990s. It was pushed in the media, in legislatures and at the Federal level. Many women adopted that ideology. A large number didn't grow up. When older generations have often been surprised of late at media stories of women in their late 30s and early 40s acting like the shallowest of teenagers, there are reasons for it. (I grew up with this group, saw what was taught, saw how the women ended up and while it's ceased to shock me, I tend to avoid GenX women today because of how so many of them act.) Three reasons for this continuation of the selfish, immature mindset appear to be 1. Feminist training received as kids, 2. The supports for irresponsible behavior in our culture and governments, and 3.The drugs some of them started in as teens and continued to use, even years later. "
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