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High Voter Turnout in Northern Virginia

naacp_now Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 6:37 PM
A 700 mile wide storm of the century pounded the east coast of the USA, landing on 1/5 of our population, just remember.....Mitt Romney called spending on disaster relief "IMMORAL" and says, "ABSOLUTELY" get rid of the Fedeal Emergency Management Agency. Mitt Romney June 14, 2012

Voters at polling places accross Northern Virginia are experiencing long lines due to high voter turnout in the region. Speaking with election volunteers outside of a polling place in Alexandria, I was told lines have been been steady all day. Volunteers working for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney outside the location, said they believe the vote will be split between the two candidates in Virginia. Voters, including minorities, had no problems complying with Virginia's Voter I.D. law.