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Reagan was a disaster with an insane buildup of the conventional military when the USSR was already bankrupt and imploding. His huge deficit spending budgets set the stage for what we are experiencing to this day ... an economy centered around a government money printing press. He appointed the disastrous Greenspan to the Fed and opened the floodgates with his immigration amnesty. Trickle down prosperity with deficit spending is fool's gold thinking, virtually the same as Keynesian economics being practiced by the Demonrats and pushing us all over the cliff. History proves that Reagan and the Bushes were all terrible presidents .... Ike was the last decent GOP president who understood the perils of the warfare industry and the absolute discipline for balanced budgets and fiscal conservancy.
Reagan was a disaster if you know your history. He unnecessarily spent like a war president when the USSR was already imploding and not a national security threat. Supply side, tax cut, economics failed as bad as Keynes' economics in bringing in more revenue. He and GWH Bush continued the steak of red ink GOP budgets for 12 years. The very capable inflation fighting Fed Volker was fired and replaced with the disastrous Greenspan and the Fed printing press era begun. Let's not forget the Reagan immigration amnesty which opened the flood gates to today's problems. In retrospect, Reagan was a disaster. If you don't agree, read David Stockman, The Great Deformation.
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Alabama Fights a UN Land Grab

n/a106 Wrote: May 31, 2012 10:04 PM
God bless Alabama!
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