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I'm with you 100%.
I think the problem is not that Latinos are so concerned about amnesty. The problem is that it will be easy for Democrats to convince Latinos (and white suburbanites) that people who oppose amnesty do it because they hate them. Also, when push comes to shove, people don't want their relatives deported. (I am anti-amnesty. I am just pointing out the political problem. There is a similar issue with Blacks and quotas, and so on with other groups.)
Bless you, Katie. The organization taking blame (in the immortal words of Paul Harvey) is the PLFP, which is Communist. More to the point, they are #2 in the PLO,k which is basically what Abbas' Palestinian Authority is. So why is everyone pressuring Israel to work with Abbas? And why would anyone take his condemnation seriously, when his own organization, Fatah (socialist) celebrates it?
I would like to mention the heroic Druze policeman who gave his life defending the worshippers. The Druze are an offshoot of Islam who consider Jethro a major prophet and (except for the ones near Syria) are fiercely loyal to the State of Israel.
Barkat is part fo the problem.
Actually, they were police. There was a shoot-out, and a policeman, a Druze, was killed (murdered). We are now starting to hear complaints about the strict gun control in Israel.
I am sickened at how you equate the victims with their murderers.
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