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Wow! Complete heresy from start to finish. Get out the torches!
There are men with guns trained on the lion. They are called "reporters".
I really wish there was an up-vote button here.
The language is strange. The President cannot "pass" something; he can order something, though. It switches between undocumented and illegal. How about the more accurate "criminal trespassers".
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Income Gap Wider in Blue States

mzk Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 6:57 AM
It's nice to have a figure to counteract the essentially silly argument of income inequality, but perhaps these states simply attract poor people because they get more money?
I don't see whether or not she is pro-life. If she is, I hope she will keep it as a surprise until after, or she will never get he chance.
Unless the mother's life was endangered.
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