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Yes and no. What shape was the Reich is when he was done with it?
How about comparing the teacher to Hitler? Both made political use of children.
So I guess Liberalism really is a mental disease, after all.
Not to mention the whitewash of Bill Clinton.
Why is she still teaching?
But they didn't fire her...
That's easy. Draw two circles that do not intersect at all. Of course, political use of children was a prime Nazi tactic, so I would compare the teacher to her Third Reich colleagues.
Now is the time for Christians to get together and form a real pressure group to save their brethren from their enemies - who in this case, happen to be Muslim. You have all of the firepower and economic influence there is - use it!
Palestine derives from Philistine, which derives from the Hebrew for "invader". The word can't even be pronounced in Arabic. So the Arabs claim to be invaders with no culture of their own? Sounds right.
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