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Obama's Big Lie

mzbyrd Wrote: Oct 30, 2013 8:16 PM
Ah yes...our Pres. didn't know about IRS, etc. etc. etc., but some nobody from New York sent him a letter and HE actually got it and read it...give me a break
What about Dr. Krauthammer for President?
Well, I've got to say that for myself I'm v e r y skeptical about the whole thing....HE doesn't know this or that - really? Or, is he doing ALL this with something else in mind? Surely he knew what the "conservative" comments would be...why then? Who was paid off with all the millions he paid for the software? What promises was he keeping? He knew the medical plan wouldn't work - it didn't work in Massachusetts ! Why then? And, you'd have to go some to make me believe the whole thing about the sign up site problems...of course they knew up front...why then? Think about it ! ! ! ! !
Seems to me they're just daring us to fight back. I've got to say in all my many, many years I've never had a bad feeling about negros. Now however, I'm learning... so it's not prejudice - just their examples.
The law that was passed and upheld no longer exists. The dictator has made so many illegal changes to it....
Big Gvt. doesn't give me those privileges - I worked for them for 48 years. I paid for them for 48 years...as did my employers ... and I still pay for them. Give me a break - I've never asked for welfare, even as a single parent, or anything else. I simply worked two jobs when I had to... and when I had my own business, I paid twice as much - for myself and my employees. HOW DARE YOU ! ! !
which you probably would win if the elections were run honestly.
wonder when the last time that actually happened?
personally I deplore swearing, cursing, etc, but this "president" brings out the worst in me. It is so obvious he wants only a one party system so he can then be the dictator. Guess that's why all the bullets he confiscated went to the police/military. My poor, poor America. I love her so and she is being beaten down into the ground.....I'm so sorry.
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The quiet man speaks up

mzbyrd Wrote: Oct 01, 2013 11:39 AM
I have a quiet question, but I don't know to whom it should be addressed - it is this - I'd love to see from whom we borrowed how many trilllions of dollars, and to whom it was "given", and how it is to be repaid? In detail. be specific.. no hogwash...have we traded in our own lands for this? Is no one accountable? Who is the enforcer? How can I find these answers. Also, I'd like a listing of ALL of our countries' party's.... democratic, republican, tea party, etc., and what does each stand for - or not..seems all the lines are changing. Democrats are surely not the democrats of years ago, etc., I no longer understand my beloved Country. Sad.
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