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Number of US States, Journalists, Hit New Low under Obama

My Redeemer Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 12:35 PM
We turned on the liberal news after the debate last night for a while just to see what they were saying. You would have thought Biden took the whole debate. The truth is independents didn't like the condescending smiles and smirks from Biden. But if you listen Obama controlled media you would think that Biden was a hero. Give me a break. No wonder the main stream medias ratings are so low. t
Jerome49 Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 11:10 AM
When Ryan responded to Biden's remarks about how Romney has written off "the 47%", ryan reminded Biden that sometimes words don't come out of your mouth the way you want them to. Biden grinned and responded "Yreah, but I always mean what I say." Ryan should have responded, "You mean like when you said the Republicans will have y'all back ijn chains?" Or when you said, "the middle class has been buried over the past four years."?

The number of U.S. states reporting initial unemployment claims has dropped to a new low under Obama- and more importantly journalists have dropped to a new low as a result.

Previously physicists had predicted that journalists couldn’t get lower.

Guess what? They were wrong. 

I call it the Obama effect: No matter how crappy things are, adding Obama can make it just a little but crappier.

Only 49 of 50 states reported initial unemployment claims last week according to Labor Department economists. This has led to a predictable, yet wholly pathetic attempt by the media to say that unemployment...

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