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Lies and vicious personal attacks are standard Democrat Campaign Tactics. It should be expected.
FairyReid; We are well aware you want to sweep it under the rug. If you did not want to read about it, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?
kenfarah?? Jim Crow Laws were passed by Democrats. The same kind of Democrats that took over the 1924 Democrat Convention. The KKK!
HarryReidThePatsy; Your life of alternate reality would find Personal Responsibility hard to understand. In your World there are no absolutes!
EVERY Democrat Administration has cut back our military. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor Japan had half again as many ships as the entire Allied Fleet! Japanese ships were newer, bigger, faster, had thicker armor and bigger guns with longer range. Japanese Cruisers had thicker armor and bigger guns than American Battleships! The rest of the armed forces were in similar condition. They trained with wooden guns and trucks labeled "TANK".
Stands; Can you think of any Democrat cause that is not justified by half truths or outright lies or innuendo? They even bribe "scientists" to manufacture preposterous theories authenticating Democrat lies. The entire Democrat Party stands on a foundation of lies. (I can't spend much time here. I'm busy with a project.)
These new 9/11 attacks only occurred because America is soft and permissive. They were ACTS OF WAR against America that are going unpunished. Until there is serious consequence to attacking America these kind of attacks will become more frequent and more deadly.
This demonstrates why we need Voter ID and a serious penalty for voter fraud. Each such fraud cancels out a lawful voter.
Every area where restrictive anti-gun laws discourage or outright prohibit citizens from owning the means of self defense has a much higher rate of rape, murder and home invasion. The Leftists who author and vote for such laws are well aware they are condemning thousands of citizens to be raped, tortured and murdered. They KNOW they are causing peoples homes to be invaded by nuts who are motivated more by the opportunity to inflict torture and death than money. The rate of reported Home Invasion is now 25% each year in some areas. That's one home in every four! WHY do Leftists want Americans to be robbed, raped, tortured and murdered in their own homes?
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"Issues" or America?

MyOpine in CA Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 5:22 PM
Obama's Executive Orders are intended to cause food riots as part of the Cloward/Piven tactic. Putting more Illegals on Welfare and extending Welfare to those who won't work are deliberately intended to bankrupt Welfare so it can't help the needy. Obama has already signed an Executive Order giving himself the authority to declare Martial Law. Martial Law suspends the Constitution and ALL citizen rights! Martial Law can ONLY be ended by the person who declared it! Obama would be Dictator for LIFE! Everything Obama has ever done has been injurious to American Freedom! If Obama cared about the needy, would he be trying to destroy their only source of food?
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