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Because they voted George Bush
The problem with this answer is you dont really understand what it means and soon you will be quoting it with the same level of false confidence that idiots do when they refer to the "theory of evolution" The issue of a "useful model" is not the same as not believing there is climate change. A useful model allows scientists to predict the effects of a change in climate accurately. We cannot predict the outcome of a drunk driver driving home with a model but we know what the likely results will be. There is not a useful model for forest fires either. We know trees are burning and we know it could be dangerous but we cant accurately predict the path.
Not really. When a bank charges more for loans and pays out more for savings accounts who gets rich? Bankers. When you can make more investing in businesses then the economy grows
The voice of reason speaks. Unable to respond with facts of logic a moron can always come back with and accusation or an insult. Maybe when ObamaCare comes to your state you will be able to afford your meds again. Till then keep ranting like the deinstitutionalized mental patient you are
The world must be a frustrating place for you. Life didnt turn out the way you expected and there must be someone you can blame.
None of it is spin. Its a chart of facts. But you would have to read them.
Great idea! If you had invested that money in DJA SPDRs when Obama took office how much money would you have? Can you multiply by 2?
It doesnt matter what you say these vulgar people always respond the same way and then they quote the Bible.
No those are just facts. Look it up
All I did was list some facts. I guess when you are an ignorant, closed minded loudmouth thats how you respond. "Blow each other?" Did you forget to take your meds again?
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