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A Vulture Capitalist Cashes in on Failure

myer Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 1:06 AM
So what's the solution? Laws or regulation to stop this sort of short term investment bank looting? High taxes on people who make money by destroying companies? How about this suggestion? If you are an investment banker you have to pay tax on any money made by leveraging other people's money as ordinary income and the rate for any income over 10 million is taxed at 50% or how about make them personally responsible for the company's bankruptcy
Stuart95 Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 1:51 PM
We've been writing laws to prevent financial wrongdoing for centuries, to little avail. It's time to admit that no matter how many regulations you write, there is always someone smarter than the regulation writers and their sponsors - shady politicians - who can figure out how to use new regulations to legally make a ton of money by bilking taxpayers. It would also be a good idea to stop the government from spending hundreds of billions of our dollars to bail out finance companies pre-looted by their owners.

We'd be much better off if the government trashed 99% of the regulations and tax code that offer opportunity to scoundrels while adding nothing to economic growth, and concentrated instead on prosecuting fraud and enforcing contracts.
Timgabz Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 1:50 AM
Liberals tend to rely on law for their thinking. Realists tend to look towards what makes law. It is not only the legislators but the constant testing of laws and the bright people always find ways around. So when writing laws they should include economists, statiticians and interested parties so as to write them properly the first time

A word to my friends in Washington: As you contemplate all the whiz-bang things that you’re going to do with your new-found tax dollars, please consider an important lesson found in biology.

If you want to successfully feed off the lives of others, don’t kill the host.

Obama may imagine that we don’t have a spending problem, but DC can only rake off so much before we implode.  

Parasites that want to survive, adapt to this truth.  

I was reminded of this as I looked through companies that might struggle in 2013.

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