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Its not activism or theory or politics for me. Its the safety and welfare of 2 young boys who deserve better than to be put into a dangerous situation like that. I wont stop until they ARE safe.
I posted before I left I was going on vacation. I said nothin about jail. I posted you should all think of me lying on a sun brightened beach in St Barts, sipping cocktails and letting the warm carribbean breeze wash over me.
Plenty want it. But it's a prize reserved for the most deserving
Spartacus... You cannot prove me wrong. America is the ONLY country in history to have used atomic bombs as weapons of war
Please explain how the mentally ill can GET guns after they are banned and removed?
Black people do NOT feel betrayed or let down by Obama. They would vote for him in similar numbers if another elecion were held. And trust me.....republicans would lose that one too......
You cannot prove me wrong so you namecall like a bully child
I have spent the past 2 hrs working on my resume...updating it, tweaking it.... But dont worry about me. I'll get something better than you ever could
Actually I saw him twice....but I dont count Grant Park acceptance speech because I wasnt close enough to really SEE him
Communist Russia and China never dropped an atomic bomb on anyone. Muslim nations have never dropped an atomic bomb on anyone. Even Hitler never dropped an atomic bomb on anyone. The only nation that ever has is US
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